Not your average refrigerator


What makes the line of Commercial Display Refrigerators from Premium Levella stand out? Its sleek design, unique features, and multitude of uses. Premium Levella’s Commercial Display Refrigerators come with a double-layer hollow glass door that allows users to see the contents inside of the refrigerator without having to open the door. This gives users the opportunity to showcase their products while saving money.

The double layer hollow glass improves both heat and sound insulation providing another source of savings and a quieter operation. In combination with the see-through door, the merchandisers are equipped with an interior light to illuminate internal contents, creating a beautiful eye-catching display. The large customizable lightbox provides the optimal space for personal touches. Users can utilize the lightbox for advertising, to display their favorite sports team, or the name of their home bar. Premium Levella’s commercial display refrigerators include a lock and key to secure products, which is great for small businesses or parents who want to keep wandering hands away from certain items. From home use to retail use, Premium Levella’s commercial display refrigerators are perfect for a variety of locations.

With the four adjustable and removable shelves both storefronts and home users can optimize space inside of the refrigerator according to their needs. Home users can free up space in their primary fridge while also enhancing their entertainment space. While locations such as bodegas, gyms, cafes, bars, bakeries, and other small businesses can showcase, secure, and advertise their products.